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Fusion Dog Training Reviews FIN


"I highly recommend Cristina Hell, if you are looking for a dog trainer. We adopted an older dog and did not realize until after we had had him for some time that he had serious problems interacting with other dogs, especially when out walking. He was uncontrollable on a leash and would bark, lunge, spin, and snarl anytime he would see a dog that he did not know.

When we moved with him to Germany, I knew it was time to do something so I did a search on local trainers and found Cristina. With her intensive training method, he made incredible progress and is a different dog. She taught us how to be consistent with him and he learned basic commands and how to walk on a leash without losing control. Walks are much less stressful and we are very satisfied with the training outcome. I have even been able to take Finn to some group dog classes that Cristina offers and it is great to see him in that situation where he can be around other dogs.

It is clear from being in the group classes that Cristina can work with all levels and needs. She is an excellent trainer that will get the job done."

- Cindy Gleisberg


"Cristina is absolutely fantastic. She is so kind, PATIENT, and has so much knowledge. Every question I have, she answers in detail. My 8 month old german shepherd can now walk calmly on a leash next to me, comes when called, loves other dogs, lays down at my feet in restaurants and so much more!! She has completely exceeded my expectations and we are so thankful for Cristina! "

- Cayla Fisher

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"We have just finished our 3rd session with Cristina, and have nothing less than amazing results. We started with a rapidly growing rambunctious goldendoodle Belle. The main daily obstacles we struggled with were leash pulling, & excited jumping that was becoming overwhelming. By our first session these issues were corrected, no really I swear 45 minutes of working with Cristina, learning how to use tools and properly communicate with my pup, Belle suddenly acquired leash manners, and I was provided techniques to control her new people excitement and jumping. By our 2nd session friends were commenting on her improved behavior and Belle quickly advanced to learning to sit, stay, and return when called all by our 3rd session. Cristina provides instruction that is relaxing, and fun for both pup and owner. Learning how to communicate, and provide simple commands effortlessly creates a training environment that has been easy to reinforce at home. Cristina's instruction is positive, she educates on the behaviors and correction methods. She is very knowledgeable to the specifics of our breed and always open to questions as she follows up on progress between sessions. Again, we are only 1/2 through our training program and to say I am more than satisfied with Belles results would be an understatement. Cristina has provided us with an enjoyable journey to a well mannered family dog that we love."

-Ashley Degenhardt


"When we moved from the states to Germany my dog had a hard time adjusting. My once crate trained dog was afraid to go in her crate, she would run and hide as soon as we put on our shoes. It would take me 20-30 minutes of coaxing to get her in and usually I would end up having to pick up my 60 lb dog and put her in. Once she was in she would scratch and whine and just did not want to be left alone. Her walks became stressful and unpleasant. She was walking fast and pulling especially if she saw other dogs and did not know how to control her excited behavior. I found Cristina through the recommendations of others and I am so glad I found her.


After our first meet up and giving me tips my dog was already on her way to being a better dog. Within my first week Lucy was going into her crate on command and there was no scratching or whining and she walked by my side. Walks became fun again. Over the 6 weeks not only did my dog learn a lot but I learned a lot about myself and my actions with my dog and how to handle situations with my dog. If my dog pulls when seeing another dog I used to freak out, now I know how to handle these situations and get my dog back in the right direction. Cristina was great and listened to all my concerns and fears. She would give me homework to work on throughout the week and would check in on me to make sure we were doing well and if I had any questions. She understands all dogs and breeds are different and works with you and the dog to find out what will work best for your dog. Thank you Cristina!!!"

- Kristy Garcia

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Uli and Kathe

"Cristina is a tremendously kind and thoughtful trainer capable of evaluating dog behavior and implementing a plan to help dog and owner . She gives clear guidance and her enthusiasm makes training fun! Her training method is both creative and inventive. I didn't believe it would be possible to ever take my sighthound off leash. After working with Cristina my dog now hikes on and off leash with me daily."


“My husband and I love working with Cristina, her training has changed all of our lives for the better! We called her initially because our dog was a barking, snarling mess when we tried to take her for walks. She also had separation anxiety and didn’t like her kennel. Cristina taught us how to clearly, effectively communicate with our dog. Now, we can go on walks and walk past other dogs without the leash pulling and hysterics - I can’t express how happy and full of relief this makes us! Our dog is now also kennel trained, after a one week intensive training camp. We’re very happy working with Cristina and continue to train with her, I highly recommend you give her a shot!”

- Liz and Chris Stevens

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"When I came to Cristina, I was at my last resort. My 4 year old Australian Shepherd Sophie and I had followed my husband to Germany and we were put in a living situation neither of us were used too. My high energy dog went from a large backyard to a small apartment and constant interactions with other dogs. She barked, whined, and attempted to bite other dogs whenever we walked by them. It was incredibly stressful for me to take her on a walk. I tried all different training techniques on my own hoping for any change. Then one day, I reached my breaking point. On a walk, Sophie was acting so aggressive towards another dog as we walked by, and I tried to hold her down, and she turned and bit me. I was in complete shock. In that moment, I knew I needed professional help. But don’t worry, this story has a happy ending.


Crisitina asked if I would like a consultation, and I agreed. We met, and within moments of working with Sophie, her energy had gone down. She told me that she recommended 6 private lessons, to which I agreed. She was so supportive and encouraging with Sophie that I felt complete trust in Cristina’s instructions. Cristina is a very unique dog trainer in the sense she has a strong ability to connect with the dog’s owners. She is great at describing, demonstrating, and then guiding you through the training process. She has a fool-proof curriculum that builds communication between you and your dog so that towards the end of the lessons, you and your dog have a strong relationship.


After the lessons with Cristina, Sophie is a changed dog. She comes when called off-leash, she does not chase down dogs off-leash, and she knows her place in the house. If you are ready for a change, and ready to take time every day to work with your dog, reach out to Cristina! I would 100% recommend Cristina to anyone that desires a change in their world, and their dog’s."

- Suzanna Hinzman

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