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Fusion dog favorite ITEMS

Welcome to our favorite selection of dog products! We have everything you need to keep your fuzzy friend happy and healthy.

For the finest in nutrition, you will find our dog food and treats recommendations on the Food and Treats tab. Also, we listed a large range of dog training supplies that will provide you with the tools necessary for success in our training programs.

For playtime, you will find a wide assortment of toys.

And let's not forget the little ones! We also left a range of accessories for puppies.

Buy Lifes Abundance

Life's Abundance

Small batches of food cooked at low heat. That means that their Vitamins and probiotics actually make it to the guaranteed analysis on the bag.

Buy Volhard

Volhard Nutrition

Raw made easy! You just add the meat and they do the rest.

Buy The Raw Food Company

The Raw Food Company

This company make feeding raw easy with the best variety and some of the best prices.

Buy Answers Pet Food

Answers Pet Food (Raw)

Answers makes feeding a raw diet easy. They offer outstanding and completely balanced food option.

Buy Chi Dog Food

Chi Dog (lightly cooked)

Love this food as a fantastic holistic approach to your dogs specific symptoms, personality and needs. Chi Dog is owned and created by veterinarians. They believe that food is medicine and the first step to a healthy

Buy Big dog naturals food

Big Dog Naturals (dehydrated food

We love dehydrated foods to make traveling easy. We also love them for puppies as it is easy to still use their meals as training sessions.

Buy Pure bites

PureBites Chicken Treats

Chicken breast freeze dried dog treats. Chicken is the only ingredient.

Buy Freeze Dried Liver Nutri Bites

Freeze Dried Liver

Liver is the only ingredient!

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